Born in 1971 in Havana, Cuba, Rementeria and his family alike knew creativity seeped from his soul. Gravitating always towards drawing and painting, at age 12 he was accepted into an exclusive art focused elementary school and began his journey to develop his skills. With a mandated military duty from 17 to 20 at age 23, Rementeria graduated the University of Havana with a dual degree in Communication and Design. The realities sounding him and his country, rich enough to not create space for fantasies, he began to illustrate his observations, experiences, deepest thoughts and feelings onto canvas.

"Easy isn't fun"

Rementeria explored different art circuits within Havana and landed more than five solo exhibitions in his first year including several national TV and radio interviews soon becoming a member of Brigada Hermanos Saiz (cultural art organization). Integrating both illustration and copy together into his work, he remained passionate to emphasize clear and bold messaging to his audience. Invited in 1994 to Santiago de Chile, Rementeria geared up for his first experience outside Cuba. During this exciting two month stay in Chile, he participated in a solo exhibition as well as a group exhibition. Upon his return to Cuba, he received another invitation for a tour in Europe including gallery exhibitions in Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, and Gijon. While abroad for nearly three months, an informative call from Cuba came in with an invitation that would ultimately bring him to the place he now calls home.


The Museum of Latin Art, Miami recognized his talents and provided the opportunity to exhibit and stay. Moving permanently to the U.S. in 2003, Rementeria’s first accomplishment was 1st prize winner of the Carnival Miami Art Competition, which spread his award winning piece across several medias and gained him much attention. He then went on in 2004 to win 1st Prize representing the USA for his most well know work “Human Beans” which was entered into one of the worlds most prestige international collections “Coexistence”. Rementeria’s “Human Beans” has traveled to more than 20 countries exhibited on billboards in Metropolises from Jerusalem to Chicago and many more in between. Today Rementeria has a studio in Miami, Florida working for the past year on a very special project of which he calls, Meaningful Art.