These series of projects are based on relevant events happening in todays world and in the artist personal life. Some of these projects are in collaboration with third parties or sponsors. 


Bucket Feet

BucketFeet found Jose Rementeria's art through a contest held in conjunction with Russell Simmon's Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation—the result is this canvas slip-on with powerful, bold art meant to remind people to keep the balance on relationships.

Love Stung me

It’s an interactive public art project that was launched only a few months ago at Art Basel 2013. The projects mission is to simply spread love and compassion to the masses in a simple and fun way. Created by artists, Jose Rementeria, who felt compelled to step out of the galleries and share positive and thought provoking art, available for everyone to see and experience.

Racism Is Over

Street project created for Art Basel 2014 covering racism topic really hot during around those days. Projection promoting a URL with messages about racism in US.


For this project the brand required me to delivered an artwork about Cuba that were multipurpose. Cuban connection illustrate one of the most iconic reference to cubans, "Arroz con Frijoles". You can see the artwork applied to fashion on their site.


This is a project that will bring art from a microscopic world. Expected to be published on January 2018, also with an interactive style. Keep tuned.